Commercial Asphalt Paving

Similar to concrete, aggregate is used to create asphalt. The distinction is that bitumen, not cement, is used to bind it. Asphalt’s black or gray appearance is due to the fact that bitumen is a product of crude oil. Pouring hot asphalt mix over an aggregate base is how an asphalt driveway is installed. A steam roller will then apply pressure on this to compact the surface. The ambient air will cool down the asphalt layer. When it has cooled sufficiently, it will solidify and become sturdy enough to support various autos. Despite the fact that asphalt surfaces are hard, they are nonetheless elastic enough to change size in response to the weather and the pressure placed upon them.

It is totally up to you whether to utilize asphalt or concrete for your driveway, parking lot, court, or walkway. To be able to make informed decisions, it is always preferable to do study before making any kind of decision. You may always consult an expert for advice on this or ask someone who has just made the same decision that you are right now!

Asphalt has the following advantages over concrete:

  • Simpler to take apart and replace.
  • Recyclable in its entirety.
  • Quick and simple to setup.
  • Less costly than concrete.
  • Maintenance is simpler and less expensive.
  • Can be mended with crack fillers, and the surface can be refinished.